By our association; in September, we made an announcement drawing attention to some negative developments in the sector, the "return" problem experienced by a student, and the problems that could penetrate the whole sector without giving the names of the parties to this problem.

Afterwards, we tried to be a party to the legal dispute between the accommodation company, which is the party of the problem, and the Turkish agency "due to the announcement we made" by the accommodation company.

The accommodation company, which filed a criminal complaint against our association due to our first announcement, also took legal actions with the claim of "unfair competition". By the prosecution office; The application made by the accommodation company was found undue.

Within the scope of the lawsuit process initiated, our association emphasized that it was not a party to an unnecessary dispute and tried to act constructively on the issue that was sensitive to the accommodation company. We wanted to go to the way of reconciliation, made a peace protocol in this context and promised to make an announcement on the subject without giving a name, and made an announcement in terms of the sadness felt and the choice of the way of reconciliation. The announcement has been shared on our website and on every possible platform of our association.

This time, the accommodation company declared that "the peace protocol did not bind itself" for trivial reasons, and expressed its will to continue the lawsuit processes.

As a result, our association and its manager had to put all its intensity aside with a false charge and had to go through processes such as the police station, the prosecution office, testimony, and they were morally worn out.

Our association and its manager put aside the reasonable anger that these would cause and tried to compromise even though it was "unnecessary", taking into account the reaction of its own member.

We observed with concern and sadness the uncompromising attitude of the accommodation company against this dispute, which even a citizen with average legal knowledge would find unnecessary.

We reserve the right to apply for an unfair complaint about this company.

The sole purpose of our association is to protect the interests of its members and students. We are also concerned about the troubles that those who act so hostile even in a simple matter will cause in the sector with the students who come with their rightful demands.

We recommend that possible legal disputes due to temporary impossibility of performance caused by our students and the Covid 19 Pandemic should be kept at a minimum through negotiations between the agencies and the institutions they represent.

We would like to state that our association is not a party to these conflicts, that we condemn the intentional attempts to take sides, and therefore we feel that we must make a statement.

Respectfully announced to the public.


Chairman of the Board of YEDAB”

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