Yedab Partners With Uniapplynow
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15 Aralık 2022, Perşembe
YEDAB partners with UniApplyNow
Turkey-based agency association YEDAB has signed a partnership with the UniApplyNow platform, which the organisations said would ease admission procedures to US universities and increase options for member agencies.
YEDAB partners with UniApplyNow

UniApplyNow was launched earlier this year by OHLA Schools as an AI-backed platform to help agents and students apply to more than 12,000 degree programmes in the USA at all degree levels. Students who don’t meet the English language entry requirements can apply to attend OHLA courses in lieu of TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Jenny Nieveen, President and CEO of the platform, said, “UniApplyNow through its partnership with YEDAB (International Education Counselors Association of Turkey)  will be assisting its valued members in using UniApplyNow’s technology for university admission in the United States.”

Osman Yilmaz , President of YEDAB, said he believed members would benefit greatly from the arrangement and the technology.

“The success they have had over the years with OHLA Schools will definitely echo that of UniApplyNow. In conversations with Jenny Nieveen - CEO of UniApplyNow - she emphasised how important it is to provide an outstanding customer service, rapid turnaround in those university applications and most importantly to convert those applications to actual students sitting in the classrooms. YEDAB members through UniApplyNow are able to expand their higher education offerings.”

“We are extremely proud to partner with YEDAB,” said Jenny, adding, “Turkey is one of the leading countries in international student mobilisation and UniApplyNow is happy to be the bridge between agencies and high-ranked American universities.”



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